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How do they fit?

The fit is  needed really good! it  prevent contamination from any angle.

Do you carry white?

The white ones are sold out!

Is there multiples color?

Yes you must scroll to see the inventory.

Is shipping really free?

yes shipping is free on all orders.

Are these N95 mask approved?

Matter of fact they are by the FDA.

What is the benefit?

These mask will protect you from any type of germs where ever you go through, it protects you from any intrusion of germs, even if there are person around you with the covid-19 virus, you can be confident that you are protected!

Is there any guarantee on this product?

Yes there is a 30 day money back guarantee as stipulated in the return policy at the bottom of the check out page.

Are these mask of good quality?

Yes they are Just read the reviews, we have been rated with five stars in most sale.

I have been asked how long does the product takes to get to the costumer?

Once I receive the order I process it immediately, my distributor receives the order and is process within 24 hour, once this is done its out for delivery!

How long does the delivery takes?

We use a carrier called e-packet which for our company is very efficient products usually arrives in matter of days.

How would I know if the order if being process?

You will be notify immediately once the order is fulfill, thereafter you can track your order with the tracking number that will be provided to you once the order is shipped. You will know exactly where is your order at all times.