How do they fit?

The fit is really good! they have an adjustable strap on its side once you adjust it to your fit, it  prevent contamination from any angle.

Do you carry white?

The white ones are sold out!

Is there multiples color?

Yes you must scroll to see the inventory. We carry black, blue, red, gray and pink.

Is shipping really $4.95?

yes shipping is $4.95 on all orders, I believe if you buy ten or more the shipping is free.

Are these mask approved and if so by who?

Matter of fact they are by the FDA and recommended by the WHO and the CDC as a mean of stop the spreading of virus's.

What is the benefit?

These mask will protect you from any type of germs where ever you go through, it protects you from any intrusion of germs, even if there are person around you with the covid-19 virus, you can be confident that you are protected!

Is there any guarantee on this product?

Yes there is a 30 day money back guarantee as stipulated in the return policy at the bottom of the check out page.

Are these mask of good quality?

Yes they are that's why we stand by a 30 day money back guarantee.

I have been asked how long does the product takes to get to the costumer?

Once I receive the order I process it immediately, you get an email notification with the tracking number issued by the United States Postal Services expect your order within 2 days!

Can I count with the fact that the order will be as promise?

Yes if your order is not shipped to you immediately or you received your order at a later time than the one promised then we will give you a complete refund in accordance with our return and refund policies. 

How would I know if the order if being process?

You will be notify immediately once the order is fulfill by email, you will receive a tracking number issued by the Postal Service, thereafter you can track your order with the tracking number that will be provided to you once the order is shipped. You will know exactly where is your order at all times.

Do you accept Credit and Debit cards?

Yes we accept payment with pay pal, and there is other method of payment including credit and debit cards through pay pal in case you do not have a pay pal account. We preferred that our costumers be protected during the payment process, and pay pal protects the costumer by not allowing us to receive payments until you as a costumer receive your order. 

If I have questions about my order can I contact you?

Yes, you can reach us through the contact page at n95promask.com, please just keep the questions and comments respectful since there is a human being at the other end.

Remember we are all in this together so please protect your self and other but above all  keep safe.  Thank you !